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East Moline School District Wellness Policy (As Stated in Student Handbook)

  • There has been a substantial increase in food allergies among students

  • We want to make sure that students are given healthy food options

  • Federal legislation is addressing guidelines for school food sales

  • This is a component of the School District Wellness Policy

So What’s New?

USDA Smart Snacks in School guidelines:

  • These standards apply to all foods sold within 30 minutes of the school day only.  Any food sold in schools MUST meet the requirements such as being “whole grain rich”, limiting fats, sodium and sugars and have fruit, vegetable or protein as a first ingredient.


  • Parents and teachers will be given the option to celebrate the student’s birthday using non-food alternatives, such as, playing a student’s favorite game, extra recess, donating a book to the classroom or bringing a non-food “treat” such as a pencil for each student.

  • Due to an increase in food allergies, and a need to be cautious of all students needs, food brought to school to be shared with other students must be fresh fruits and vegetables, or other packaged foods that meet the Smart Snack guidelines.

  • Celebration snacks that meet the Smart Snack guidelines are available through EMSD37 Food Service.

Eliminating Food as an Incentive:

  • The most effective rewards fit naturally into the context and mission of the school community and should promote healthy living as per our school wellness policy goal of “fostering the positive relationship between good nutrition, physical activity, and the capacity of students to develop and learn.” Every effort should be made to

  • Eliminate food incentives and rewards from all classrooms and building activities.

  • Alternative incentives can range from extra recess time to line leader in elementary to free homework passes and “chat time” at the end of class for older students.

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